Outline Programme

Sunday 28 August
EAAP Council Meeting
08:00-18:00 Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers Stranmillis College

Monday 29 August

08:30-12:30 Study Commission Sessions
13:00-13:45 Poster Session
14:00-18:00 Study Commission Sessions – Animal Task Force (ATF)
18:15-18:45 Welcome and Awards Ceremony (Main Auditorium)
18:45-19:10 Ulster Culture Display (Main Auditorium)
19:15-22:00 St Georges Market ‘Taste of Ulster’ Food & Livestock Event
09:30-16:00 Accompanying persons tours - Ulster Folk and Transport 

Tuesday 30 August

08:30-12:00 Award Ceremony and Plenary Session
13:30-18:00 Study Commission Sessions
18:45-22:30 Prof in a Pub – Social Event 
19:00-19:45 City Hall Reception
20:30-22:30 Pub Quiz
09:30-18:30 Accompanying persons tour - Bushmills Distillery and the Giant’s Causeway

 Wednesday 31 August

08:30-12:30 Study Commission Sessions
13:00-13:45 Poster session
14:00-18:00 Study Commission Sessions
18:00-19:30 General Assembly
20:00-23:00 Titanic Banquet (Tours of the Titanic from 18:30-19:50, every 20 minutes)
09:30-16:30 Accompanying persons tour - Coach Tour of Belfast, Crumlin Road Gaol, Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Thursday 1 September

08:30-12:30 Study Commission Sessions
14:00-18:00 Study Commission Sessions
16:00-23:30 Atlantic Heritage: Six Thousand years of farming and food (evening)
09:00-15:00 Accompanying persons tour - Coach tour of the Ards Peninsular including visit to Mount Stewart 

Friday 2 September

Three Technical Tours – all leave the Waterfront

09:10-16:30 Dairy and Beef
09:00-16:30 Pigs and Poultry
08:00-17:30 Equine    







Horizon 2020 EU Funding Support

The Northern Ireland Contact Point Network will be present during the week to aid those developing collaborations with local partners or seeking information on European Funding. They will offer a number of supports services as below and can be contacted at: h2020.eaap@gmail.com

Research Challenges Wall
Mornings of Monday 29th-Wednesday 31st

  • What: Contribute your ideas for the research needs of the sector
  • Where: the NI Contact Point Network Stand (Exhibition area, beside BSAS/Alltech/AFBI)
  • When: Monday-Wednesday morning
  • How to contribute: information during Session 17 (Monday 14:00-15:45; Room 3B) and at the stand.

Prioritising Research – we need your Votes!
Wednesday 31st 13:00-13:45

  • What: Presentation on research ideas submitted at EAAP 2016 with interactive voting from the audience.  Results will be fed back to the European Commission for development of the 2018-2020 Workprogramme.
  • Where: ARC (to be confirmed)

Seeking Partners for Research Collaboration?
Monday 29th – Tuesday 30th 13:00-13:45

  • What: Can you offer your know-how or facilities? Would you like to request specific expertise? Sign up for a “Two Minute Pitch” or come and listen to what others have to offer.
  • Where: NI Contact Point Network Stand (Exhibition area, beside BSAS/Alltech/AFBI)
  • How: Contact us by email (specify Monday or Tuesday) or sign up at the stand.  Places are limited – first come first served.


SAPHIR Stakeholder Workshop

Wednesday 31st 14:00-18:00 – Room 1A


SAPHIR Stakeholder Meeting will be organised during the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science on 31 August 2016, in Belfast, UK. The meeting is at The Waterfront Conference and Exhibition Centre in the heart of Belfast and on the banks of the River Lagan.

The stakeholder meeting intends to create a platform for the scientists to meet with food animal stakeholders, policy makers, food industry and consumer representatives to discuss the advances made in the field of livestock vaccine strategies (under control of the Ex. Com and the IPUDC) in light of the SAPHIR project, and the needs and interests of stakeholders.

The workshop aims to facilitate interactions between academics and stakeholders and increase mutual awareness.

Healthy Livestock: integrated strategies for sustainable animal production through improved immunocompetence 
Preliminary Program

  • SAPHIR: Strengthening Animal Production and Health through the Immune Response – Marie-Hélène Pinard, SAPHIR Deputy Coordinator
  • Socio-economics: what are the costs and benefits of integrated approaches to improve animal health with a focus on vaccination strategies  – Jonathon Rushton, The Royal Veterinary College, UK
  • The view point of the animal health management with the example of lamb mortality – Jean-Marc Gautier, IDELE, France
  • Yes we have, improved mastitis resistance through selection – Hans Stålhammar, Viking Genetics, Sweden
  • No silver bullet to combat pig diseases: need for an integrated multidisciplinary approach – Pramod Mathur, Topigs Norsvin, the Netherlands
  • A multiple facet approach to optimising bird health – Allan Ball, COBB Europe, UK
  • General discussion on animal health and sustainable animal production, integrated animal health strategies, animal nutrition, genetics, socio-economics and EU policy – Moderated by: Isabelle Schwartz-Cornil, SAPHIR Project Coordinator, Marie-Hélène Pinard, SAPHIR Deputy Coordinator, Jan Venneman, EFFAB Director




Irish Farmers Journal Open Debate – European Agriculture post Brexit

Thursday 1st 13:00-14:00 –  Room 1A

Discussion session with four opening presentations:

  • Phelim O'Neill (Markets specialist)
  • Jack Kennedy (Dairy editor)
  • Eoin Lowry (Business editor)
  • David Wright (Northern Ireland editor)


Technical Tours

Atlantic Heritage – Six Thousand Years of Farming and Food

Thursday 1st 16:00-23:30

Evening visit and reception hosted by EAAP 2016 principal sponsor Devenish Nutrition at their historical Research and Heritage Farm, Dowth, Co. Meath.

16:00 Coaches depart from the Conference Centre
18:30 Arrive
22:00 Depart*
23:30 Arrive in Belfast (Waterfront Conference Centre)

The Principal Sponsors (Devenish Nutrition Ltd) are pleased to host an evening visit and reception to their Research and Heritage Farm situated in the beautiful Boyne Valley, north of Dublin covering 22% of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bru na Boinne. The visit will showcase how farming has influenced the landscape of Ireland for over 6,000 years and how Devenish are using the farm as a research centre to drive sustainability within food and farming. A light evening meal will be provided.
* A coach will also be available to transport delegates to Dublin Airport for those delegates planning onward travel to the greater Dublin region. Estimated arrival time in Dublin airport is 22:30 for onward connection to the greater Dublin area.

Technical Tour 1 – Dairy and Beef

Friday 2nd 09:10-16:30

Visit to Beef Farm (Mr Sam Chesney) and Dairy Farm (Steele Family Farm)

09:10 Coaches leave the Waterfront Conference Centre
10:00 Arrive at Farm 1
12:00 Depart Farm 1
12:15 Lunch in Harrisons Restaurant
13:15 Depart Harrisons Restaurant
13:30 Arrive at Farm 2
15:30 Depart Farm 2
16:30 Arrive in Belfast (Waterfront Conference Centre)


Beef farm
The beef farm visit is to the award winning beef farm of Sam Chesney on the Ards Peninsula. Sam runs a 150 cow suckler herd of predominately Limousin cows which are bred to top genetic sires. Heifers are calved at 24 months and calving takes place in a tight 12-week block in the spring. Synchronisation and AI has been used on the farm for heifers and some cows to introduce new genetics, with bulls chosen strictly on their Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for important commercial traits such as calving ease, calf growth rates and carcase quality. Rotational paddock grazing high clover swards from mid-February to mid-October and producing excellent quality silage has enabled an output of 1,100 kg live weight per ha, whilst reducing both fertiliser and concentrate bills. Over recent years Sam has been the recipient of various prestigious awards including the UK’s Beef Farmer of the Year, the Northern Ireland Beef Farmer of the Year and the Northern Ireland Grassland Farmer of the Year.
Dairy farm
The dairy farm tour is to a state of the art dairy unit on the Ards Peninsula where Thomas Steele, along with his father William, mother Rosemary and brother Samuel, milk 500 Holstein Friesian cows on 291 ha. The herd average is 10,555 litres per cow with an impressive 4,330 litres of this from forage – a strategy achieved by producing enough good-quality first-cut grass and maize silage to feed the high-yielders all year round. Significant investment has been undertaken over the past few years including new cow accommodation, a 60-point rotary milking parlour and installation of innovative dairy farm management software. The business uses this innovative management technology to gather information on body condition score, milk yield and stage of lactation enabling each animal to be fed according to its needs. It was this attention to detail, use and understanding of technology, impressive business plan for growth, and focus on sharing knowledge with other farmers and impressive performance figures which led to Thomas being awarded the 2012 UK Dairy Farmer of the Year. 
Lunch will be provided in Harrisons Restaurant which is situated in a unique and peaceful setting in the drumlins of County Down, near Greyabbey, overlooking Strangford Lough.

Technical Tour 2 - Pigs and Poultry

Friday 2nd 09:00-16:30

John Thompsons and Sons Ltd Feed Mill (Belfast) and AFBI Hillsborough

09:00 Coaches leave The Waterfront Conference Centre
09:20 Arrive at Thompsons feed mill (Belfast)
11:30 Tour of Hillsborough Castle
13:00 Lunch in AFBI Hillsborough
14:00 Presentation on pig industry research in action at AFBI Hillsborough
16:30 Arrive in Belfast (Waterfront Conference Centre)

John Thompsons and Sons Ltd feed mill is Europe’s largest single site mill. It is a key supplier of feed to all livestock in Northern Ireland i.e. Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Pigs and Poultry. Delegates will have an opportunity to view the operation of the mill and gain an understanding of the production processes which enable multiple feed types to be made on one site. Delegates will then visit the research site at AFBI Hillsborough where a virtual tour of the pig facilities will be given. A key feature of the visit will be a presentation by local industry representatives on how they interact with pig science at AFBI Hillsborough and what benefits they have gained from this interaction. During the day, delegates will also have the opportunity to visit Her Majesty the Queens’ residence in Northern Ireland – Hillsborough Castle. This historic building is based in the picturesque village of Hillsborough and is a working palace when the UK’s Royal family visit the province.

Technical Tour 3 - Equine

Friday 2nd 08:00-17:30

Visit to the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) Enniskillen Campus in County Fermanagh (equine education and technology transfer), Stragrane House in County Tyrone and Tullyraine House Stud and Equine Clinic in County Down.

08:00 Coaches The Waterfront Conference Centre
10:30 Arrive at CAFRE Enniskillen campus
12:15 Depart CAFRE Enniskillen campus
Lunch on coach
13:30 Arrive at Stragrane House
14:30 Depart Stragrane House
15:30 Arrive at Tullyraine House Stud & Equine Clinic
17:00 Depart Tullyraine House Stud & Equine Clinic
17:30 Arrive in Belfast (Waterfront Conference Centre)


The equine technical tour will begin with a visit to the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) Enniskillen Campus in County Fermanagh, where the equine education and technology transfer provision are delivered. Delegates will undertake a tour of the equine facilities and observe demonstrations of technology transfer projects that promote the link between education and equine industry. The tour will then move to Stragrane House in County Tyrone, the base of racehorse trainer Andy Oliver. Andy is a multiple group winning trainer and qualified vet and trains both Flat and National Hunt horses. Delegates will undertake a tour of the yard and facilities and hear about training methods and management practices used.
The final stop on the tour will be at Tullyraine House Stud and Equine Clinic in County Down. Delegates will see a tour of the stud and presentation of St. Leger and Breeders Cup winning stallion Conduit. The equine clinic is the main equine referral practice in Northern Ireland and managed by Hugh Suffern, vet for the Irish Team and multiple bloodstock sales. Delegates will tour the clinic facilities and hear about the services offered and areas of most demand.

Social Programme


Monday 29 August

12:45-13:45   Visit the Corsystes Research Vessel  (meet at reception)
18:15-18:45   Welcome and Awards Ceremony (Main Auditorium)
18:45-19:10   Ulster Culture Display (Main Auditorium)
19:15-22:00   St Georges Market ‘Taste of Ulster’ Food Event
09:30-16:00   Accompanying persons tours - Ulster Folk and Transport 

Tuesday 30 August
19:00-19:45   City Hall Reception
18:45-22:30   Prof in a Pub – Social Event 
20:30-22:30   Pub Quiz
09:30-18:30   Accompanying persons tour - Bushmills Village, Bushmills Distillery and the Giant’s Causeway
Wednesday 31 August
18:00-19:30   General Assembly
20:00-23:00   Titanic Banquet (Tours of the Titanic from 18:30, every 20 minutes)
09:30-16:30    Accompanying persons tour - Coach Tour of Belfast, Crumlin Road Gaol, Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Thursday 1 September
16:00-23:30    Atlantic Heritage: Six Thousand years of farming and food (evening)
09:00-15:00    Accompanying persons tour - Coach tour of the Ards Peninsular including visit to Mount Stewart House and Gardens


A speciality beer has been commissioned especially for EAAP2016.

‘Moovin On Up’ is a 3.8% abv Mild Amber Ale brewed locally at the Bullhouse Brewing Company Near Belfast.

It is a beer that has its roots in ales popular in the UK and Ireland in the 19th and early 20th Century and thus resurrects the traditional Mild style of beer. 

Available at the St. George’s Market Taste of Ulster and Livestock show on the evening of Monday 29th.

Monday 29th
Corsystes Afris Marine Research Vessel 

Visit the Corsystes RV currently moored in Belfast. An opportunity to network with scientists working on coastal and marine issues. 
Free bus and packed lunch included. Meet at reception at 12:40. First come first serve. 50 places.



Welcome Events

Welcome and Awards Ceremony 18:15-18:45 Auditorium

Ulster Culture Display 18:45-19:10 Auditorium

A Taste of Ulster & Farm Livestock Display 19:15-22:00 St George’s Market

St Georges Market is a historic marketplace in the heart of Belfast. It is famous for it’s Friday food and fish market and has become a hub of activity on a weekly basis showcasing Northern Ireland’s produce. 

Northern Ireland is famous for its traditional yet novel food and drink. At the ‘Taste of Ulster’ event, delegates will have the
opportunity to savour the variety of tastes and flavours which Northern Ireland has to offer. A special feature of this event will be a display of cattle and sheep used on livestock farms across Northern Ireland. The evening will be complemented by local entertainment provided by a local music group. Delegates will also have the opportunity to enjoy local beverages from the onsite bar.


Tuesday 30th

Student’s Lunch 
City Hall Reception
‘Prof in a Pub’
Pub Quiz

Student’s Lunch 13:00-13:45 
The BSAS Student Council would like to invite all students and young people attending the conference to the Student’s Lunch. Students are invited to get food from the lunch buffet and head to the Atrium. There will be a guided ‘speed networking’ activity: a fun and friendly way to meet other like-minded individuals at the conference, to make international friends and connections, and to share your passion for all aspects of animal production.

City Hall Reception 19:00-19:45
Venue: City Hall

The City Hall in Belfast dates back to the late 19th century and represents a cornerstone in the Belfast skyline. The City Hall is a working building where births, marriages and deaths are registered and where the city council meets.
The Lord Mayor of Belfast extends a warm welcome to EAAP delegates to join him in the City Hall for a drinks reception. Delegates will have the opportunity to view this historic building and its fine architecture whilst networking and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. 
For those delegates attending the ‘Pub Quiz’ a number of guides will be available at the end the the City Hall Reception to escort you to the venue – 21Social.

Prof in a Pub 18:45 – 22:30 (pre-booked delegates only)
Venue: Meet at Waterfront, various pubs throughout Belfast city centre
Enjoy some Ulster ‘Craic’ and experience the city’s best loved ‘locals’ at the ‘Professor in a Pub’ event. Delegates will be tested with a ‘not too challenging’ quiz collecting answers from professors placed across the different pubs in the city. This event will be led by tour guides and all will have the opportunity to absorb the night life which Belfast offers. 

More information on the pubs can be found here: The Pubs, The Blue Route, The Red Route

Pub Quiz: 20:30 – 22:30 (pre-booked delegates only)
Venue: Meet at City Hall to walk to 21 Social
21 Social in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter will host the event with a live band and quiz prizes on offer. The BSAS student council, well know for delivering great quizzes, have generated the questions and will deliver the event. A meal is not provided at this event but there will be nibbles provided during the quiz.  Why not arrive at the venue early and have a meal or sample some of the great food Belfast has to offer at one of the many restaurants close by. For those delegates attending the City Hall Reception a number of guides will be available at the end of that event to escort you to 21Social.  The quiz venue is relatively close by to many of the hotels, and taxis are plentiful in the cathedral quarter.



Wednesday 31st 20:00-23:00
Titianic Experience & Banquet 

Venue: The Titanic Exhibition Centre, Titanic Quarter, Belfast (pre-booked delegates only)
Delegates booked for the Titanic Experience arrive from 18:30.  For the full tour delegates need to be at the Titanic by 19:00 hours.

The Titanic Exhibition Centre has become a world renowned tourist attraction. Developed 100 years after the tragic event, the Titanic Exhibition Centre celebrates and showcases the craftsmanship and skills as well as the hardship experienced by the men and women who build the Titanic. The Titanic Experience and banquet will provide delegates the opportunity to view the
Titanic displays and exhibition followed by the Conference Banquet on the top floor, beside a recreation of the famous Titanic staircase. Light musical entertainment will be provided throughout the evening which will be the final social event of the conference.



Special taxi fares have been negotiated for delegates travelling between Belfast city centre and the Titanic Experience and Banquet on Wednesday evening.

Delegates wishing to avail of these fares can do so by either:

  1. Phoning ‘Value Cabs’ on 028 9080 9080 (0044 28 9080 9080 for international callers)
  2. Locating the dispatcher situated in the basement of the Titanic building (between 21:45-23:15)

And quoting ‘EAAP2016 delegate’

Please see below for a list of prices:

Hilton - £4.00
Europa - £5.00
Travelodge - £5.00
Radisson Blu - £5.00
Ibis University Street/Castle Street - £6.00



Belfast Map


Waterfront – Ground Floor


Waterfront – First Floor


Waterfront – Third Floor


General Info & Useful tips

Taxis – Getting to and from the Titanic Experience & Banquet

Special taxi fares have been negotiated for delegates travelling between Belfast city centre and the Titanic Experience and Banquet on Wednesday evening.

Delegates wishing to avail of these fares can do so by either:

  1. Phoning ‘Value Cabs’ on 028 9080 9080 (0044 28 9080 9080 for international callers)
  2. Locating the dispatcher situated in the basement of the Titanic building (between 21:45-23:15)

And quoting ‘EAAP2016 delegate’

Please see below for a list of prices:

Hilton - £4.00
Europa - £5.00
Travelodge - £5.00
Radisson Blu - £5.00
Ibis University Street/Castle Street - £6.00


Contact Details

Mike Steele: 077 9223 6845
Bridget Hilton: 075 9658 3890
Ross McGinn: 074 6859 9074

Conference Venue: Waterfront Conference and Exhibition Centre, 2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast, BT1 3WH. Phone: 028 9033 4400

Titanic Experience & Banquet: 1 Olympic Way, Queens Road, Titanic Quarter, Belfast BT3 9EP. Phone: 028 9076 6386

St George's Market: Donegall Quay, Belfast BT1 3LA. Phone: 028 9032 0202



Posters will be on display for the full duration of the conference.

Poster presenters are to mount their posters on Sunday after 2pm or on Monday before 12pm. Conference helpers will be available to advise. Materials to mount your posters on the board will be supplied. 

If your poster is in a session on Monday or Tuesday then please stand by your poster from 13:00-13:45 on Monday.

If your poster is in a session on Wednesday or Thursday then please stand by your poster from 13:00-13:45 on Wednesday.

Posters should be removed on Thursday afternoon before 5pm.


Places to eat

Belfast has many great places to eat. Below are a selection of local eateries some offering special deals to EAAP delegates.

Havana Bank Sq. Two Courses and a glass of prosecco – £20.
Quote ‘EAAP Conference’ when booking
http://www.havanabanksq.com/ 02890 310809

The Northern Whng. Free glass of wine or soft drink.
Quote ‘EAAP Conference’ when booking.
http://www.thenorthernwhig.com/ 02890 509888

Horiato Todd’s. Free glass of wine or soft drink.
Quote ‘EAAP Conference’ when booking.
http://www.horatiotodds.com/ 02890 653090

The Morning Star. 2 course for £15.99 or 3 courses for £19.
Show delegate badge when ordering.
http://www.themorningstarbar.com/ 02890 235986

Coppi Belfast. 15% discount.
Show delegate badge when ordering.
http://coppi.co.uk/ 02890 311959

Ryan’s Bar. 2 courses for £10
http://www.ryansbelfast.com/ 02980 509850

Hadskis. Free glass of wine with a three course meal. 
Show delegate badge when ordering.
http://hadskis.co.uk/ 02890 325444

Bar & Grill at James Street South. Free glass of wine with a three course meal. 
Show delegate badge when ordering.
http://www.belfastbargrill.co.uk/ 02890 600700

Holohans. 10% discount
Show delegate badge when ordering. Groups of 6 or more pay £10pp advance deposit and a 10% service charge.
http://www.holohansatthebarge.co.uk/ 02890235973

Bennets Bistro 
http://www.bennettsonbelmont.com/  02890656590

Deane abd Decano
http://www.michaeldeane.co.uk/deane-and-decano/menus/ 02880663108

Deanes at Queens 
http://www.michaeldeane.co.uk/deanes-at-queens/ 02890382111


Car Parking

The multi-storey Lanyon Place car park is located 100 metres from the conference venue. A day rate of £12 is available to all EAAP delegates, 07:00-20:00. To avail of this offer ask for a voucher at the concierge desk in the atrium and produce at the car park when leaving.

QUE Parking, Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3LP. 

028 9027 8957



NI Country Code: +44 OR 0044
Belfast Area Code: 028


Phoning a Belfast landline: 0044 28 1234567
Phoning a UK mobile: 0044 77 1234567

What to wear

The Belfast WEATHER is always mixed and exciting so be prepared by bringing a range of clothes including a waterproof jacket, a hat and an umbrella.

If you are going on any of the tours please bring outdoor shoes. Days will be around 15oC with nights a little cooler so we don’t use much air conditioning.

Our City Reception and Titanic experience dress code is smart casual not formal. Social events like ‘St. George’s Market’, ‘Prof in the Pub’ or the Pub Quiz are all casual.



You may need to bring a travel adaptor for your electrical items. Electricity points are British style: 230v A/C, 50 Hz cycle. Outlet is a 3-pin type. We will have USB charging points for phones.



Northern Ireland has its own sterling currency (£) but Scottish and English pounds are all accepted. When you go home try to use your NI currency in Belfast as some places outside NI are not keen to accept it!  There are numerous ATM’s/bank machines in Belfast city centre, near the conference venue.


Emergency Numbers

999 for fire, police and ambulance.  101 for non- emergency medical matters. The EU medical card is valid in UK. If you are feeling unwell ask at your hotel or the Waterfront  reception.


App User Guide

Click here for a quick guide on how to use the app. 

If you have any app related queries come to the app help desk at reception.

Abstracts by Day

Monday – Sessions 1-22

Tuesday – Sessions 23-34

Wednesday – Sessions 35-54

Thursday – Sessions 55-74


Delegate List

Click here for a printable version of the full delegate list. Remember, you can come back to the app at any time in the future to access full delegate/speaker details including contact information. Using the Delegate Everything platform for our app means that your account and access to all of the content/functions will not expire.   

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